Artist Statement

 Through the repetitive processes of stitching and cutting paper, I create expressive forms which I hope will connect with and communicate with people at a deep level. Delicate paper garments and intricately cut, illuminated paper scenes explore the things we carry with us, the stories we tell about who we are and where we come from, and the ones we make up because we don't know where that is. Light transforms paper, showing the bones of the processes that create it. Through this work, I am inventing such a record of memory. I want to discover how I can sink roots without remaining in one place, and how I can carry “home” with me.

When I began making paper garments, I was exploring the ways in which fairytales can be used as a lens through which emotional processes like anxiety and guilt can be examined. My current work is focused on the growth and disintegration and regrowth of relationships.